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CSA 7/11

No we did not take a great box filled with produce to a place that sells great slurpees but I’m sure they would appreciate it if we did! As always it was another great week on the farm! You can finally tell that we are getting our summer produce in now if the tomatoes has not given that away yet.37040363_10156430402951585_8293408048429400064_n.jpg

As you can see we have plenty of peppers and this is one of my favorite kinds, the Shishito pepper! Its great roasted or if you are willing to take the time, you can make some great bite sized stuffed peppers.


The following are the contents of this weeks box:

Italian Basil

Holy Basil or Rosie Basil (Purple)





Summer Squash ( Not Organic)

A variety of Hot peppers: Jalapeno, Hungarian wax and Paper Lanterns


Shishito peppers





Now one of the more unique things of this box is papalo. It smells and tastes similar to cilantro and can even be used as a summer alternative for cilantro! Well if you like cilantro that is. It is treated the same way as cilantro and is generally added to dishes last as a garnish. It is from south and central america and was used traditionally as an herbal medicine. It is said to have qualities that help with lowering blood pressure and treating stomach infections. That doesn’t mean that you should use it instead of modern day medicine but do some research and maybe it can used as a supplement if you wish!


Also we have two different varieties of sweet corn in the box this week. See if you can taste the difference! It may take awhile though, because there should be 10 plus ears of corn in each box!


As always have a great week!


Post created by James Stroud



CSA 6/27

Howdy Folks! Great week on the farm, we got a variety of tasty treats in the box this week!received_10156478727826228.jpg

As you can see we have some great a colorful items!

Asparagus beans


Dill flowers


Italian Garlic

Peppers (Sweet & Spicy)









You can make a lot of different things with the items this week. Something I plan on doing for the first time is juicing the beets, apparently its really good for you! You can also pickle the beets if you want to and that is extremely good tasting as well. Be sure to look up new recipes for what you get, you may be surprised at what your new favorite meal will be!


The corn is two different varieties, Field and Sweet. The field corn (the colorful ones), also called roasting corn by our farm manager is best for… you guessed it! Roasting! Though in all honesty sweet corn is also great for roasting.


Now something to keep in mind is the fact that our squash is not organic certified. Though we treat it the same as we do everything else! The location it is at this year just has not been certified yet, so no worries!


Hope you all have a great week!


Post made by James Stroud

Pickling Week CSA 6/20

That’s right, another great harvest from our farm again and this time it has some ingredients to make pickles!35943617_10156377367231585_8292361897475309568_b.jpg


What we have got in the box this week are as follows:





Jester Potatoes

Dill Flower Heads

Parade Green Onion or Deep Purple Onion



Sacred Basil



Be sure to make some pickles with what you got in the box! And don’t forget to use the other vegetables there either, you could make some tomato soup or cook some squash for breakfast. After all it is the first week of tomatoes and we will have plenty more to come in the following weeks. Some of the other items have some great benefits to them as well, such as Calendula and Sacred Basil. The calendula and sacred basil are meant to be dried but that dousn’t mean that you have to dry them to use them.


Calendula it self is great for the skin and can be used to make teas and salves. It has some natural healing qualities, as well as some anti inflammatory properties as well. Be sure to look up some great recipes and remedies for this online, most can be easy to make if you have the right equipment!


Sacred Basil is also known as Holy Basil and Tulsi. It also has some amazing qualities to it and has been know to help people with anxiety. It also has some other benefits like helping regulate blood sugar and helping with acne! It can be used in tea as well as a number of other natural remedies.


As always have a great week and collect your box!


Post made by James Stroud



What’s in this CSA? 6/13/2018

Happy Wednesday! Time to collect your bounty once again this week!


Everything in this box looks great!

The contents of this box are as followed:








Red Express Cabbage


Kohlrabi or Savoy Cabbage


As a heads up, you should refrigerate the onion, garlic and potatoes because they have not been cured. The potatoes are a bit small, so I plan on baking them and just eating them as is! The carrots taste great too!


I recommend adding the garlic to just about everything you cook because you really can’t go wrong with it.  As a matter of fact I recommend adding the garlic to the potatoes and add a bit of butter and salt to them as well. It will create a little but very delightful snack for the day! You can either bake or or boil the potatoes and saute the garlic cloves and add the salt and butter. The best part of that recipe is that it only takes about twenty minutes to cook!


Have a good week everyone and be sure to pick up your boxes!


Post made by James Stroud

The Student Farm CSA 6/6/2018

Another great harvest here at the farm and another CSA ready for pick up!unnamed.jpg

Their is a great variety in this weeks box, the contents are as followed:




Oak Leaf

Cilantro Flowers




Head Lettuce







Here are some ideas for a few of the more unusual items like the garlic scapes and the cilantro flowers.


The garlic scapes are completely new to me but they smell great! You can use them in several different recipes such as soup, hummus and can even be grilled. Some of our fantastic volunteers said that they just dice them up and add them to just about everything.


Some of the workers on the farm were talking about using cilantro after it has flowered and it turns out you can use them just like you would cilantro, though the taste might be slightly different. Some Mexican cuisines call for flowered cilantro as well. If you happen to be one of those individuals that dislike the taste of cilantro in general you can always use them for decoration because they are aesthetically pleasing .


Well that’s all for this week. I hope you all have a good one!


CSA Box Week of 5/30

Howdy hey, we’re at the end of May.

This week in the box you’ll find:

Pictured: Purple Top White Globe Turnip and Garlic Scapes

  • Head Lettuce (either Ice Berg or Romaine)
  • Bitter Green Head (either Raddicchio, Escarole, or Endive)
  • Napa Cabbage
  • Celtuce
  • Beets
  • Fennel
  • Garlic Scapes
  • Shell Peas
  • Salad Turnips 
  • Purple Top White Globe Turnip
  • Kohlrabi
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Dill
  • Cilantro
  • Parlsey

Please note that ‘Bitter Greens’ and Head Lettuce (esp. Romaine) may look very similar– you can tell the difference by the leaf thickness and texture (bitter greens may feel thicker and slightly ‘hairy’), but if in doubt a taste test will work!

Included in the same bag as the Napa Cabbage (stalk with leaves on top) is a Chinese vegetable known as Celtuce. Celtuce has a peanutty/slightly bitter flavor, and is often used in stir-fry. To use, first skin the stalk. Greens may also be cooked and eaten.

Lastly, shell peas should have their outer coating removed before they are eaten– they may be consumed cooked or raw.

What else is going on at the farm?


It’s time for summer showers! Frequent thunderstorms create breaks in the workday– to tidy and organize– and check on our new chicks!

Hatched at local schools (arranged through the Livestock Conservancy), the Student Farm has just received a new batch of Delaware Chicks, from the eggs of our own flock. Its a joy to watch them grow a little bigger each week– in a few weeks they’ll be moved outside to their own coop, to get bigger/stronger before they are introduced to our established flock.

baby chick


Blog post written by Laura Maule

CSA week of May 1, 2018

Whats in the box this week?

  • Strawberries
  • Lettuce mix
  • Kale
  • Collards or Swiss chard
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Salad turnips
  • Rapini

Greens are steadily in abundance with this box. The rapini which resembles broccoli is entirely edible with many ways to prepare and enjoy. If you’re short on freezer space, consider dehydrating some of the greens from your box. Dehydration is fairly simple and is accomplished in a few different ways. You can set the oven to a 200 F, place the greens on a sheet pan without overlapping the leaves. Monitor the progress and greens can be ready in about 5 hours. Another option is using a dehydrator, setting the temperature to 135 F and lay the leaves on the trays without overlap. The dehydrator can be left to run for about 3 hours or until greens are crispy. Using solar energy from the sun is a simple and energy efficient method, simply place the greens on a baking sheet, screen, silicone mat and leave in the sun. Check periodically for doneness.

You have a number of options with the finished greens:

  • bag the dried leaves and store in a cool place for use later
  • pulse the greens into powder and store to add in recipes for smoothies, soups, eggs, etc.
  • save the stored greens and re-hydrate later by soaking in hot water
  • eat the dried greens as a snack, during dehydration prep sprinkle with salt or spices to add flavor


post by Shaquannah Faison