The unique curriculum offered through the Sustainable Agriculture program has attracted students from throughout North Carolina, as well as many other states. The program provides both the small business and technical skills needed to develop and manage a profitable, environmentally sound and community-based small farm or agricultural business.

Carola hails from Argentina. She’s picking some ‘Red Noodle’ yard-long beans.

Students work with fellow classmates to plant, cultivate, and harvest a variety of produce. They learn to utilize a variety of tools and equipment, including tractors and tillers. Field trips, farm tours, and internships enhance the learning experience.

Students select, plant, tend and harvest their own crops as part of the cirriculum. Here, students are weeding ‘Bordeaux’ Spinach; a red-veined, smooth leaf variety in high demand by our Student Chefs in the Culinary program.

The five-acre Student Farm at the Pittsboro Campus is an organically managed outdoor classroom for research, demonstration, and crop production. The site includes a greenhouse, as well as student-built farm structures including a pole barn, a packing shed and a masonry pizza oven.

Chef Daryl and his assistant sling pizza in the farm’s brick oven for the ‘Feed the Farmers’ event.


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