Has Spring Sprung?

Has Spring Sprung?

If we can believe the Accuweather Forcast, it’s looking like spring has sprung for the month of February. No more days below freezing! The Highs for the rest of the month are looking great, from 590 (28 Feb)- 740 (24 Feb) and lows ranging from 330 (27 Feb) – 520 (23 Feb). Even the month of March is looking good.


The student farm may look barren, but not for long. We have a greenhouse bursting with transplants waiting to get in the ground and grow to their full potential. Broccoli, cabbage, fennel, lettuce, cauliflower and swiss chard and that’s just for starters and early spring crops, the list will grow just like our transplants.

The hoop houses are plentiful with collard greens, swiss chard, kale, spinach and lettuce mix. We have also direct seeded in the ground and those plants are looking wonderful also. The hoop houses for season extension is an amazing thing.

Outside in the fields we have overwintered our garlic and strawberries. The Peas are planted and the trellis is up. The asparagus is getting a fresh covering of mulch and we are readying the potato beds.

Each vegetable has an optimal planting time. Plating during that time will greatly increase their chances of success, yield, better flavor and fewer problems.

There is never a lack of work to be done on the farm. We have several projects in the works and almost to completion. Thanks to James, the Farm Manager and instructor who keeps the farm running and all the other great instructors from the Sustainable Ag program along with their students who put many hours planting and harvesting, plowing and raking, digging and pulling. Farming is a never ending job! Volunteers are always welcomed to come help on the farm, experience is nice but not necessary, and you are guaranteed a great instructor.


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