What’s Happening!?… on the Farm..

Recently we received a  pair of guests on the farm. “Una” and “Little Bit” are two Tamworth pigs who came to visit the student farm at the end of August to help remove an old nemesis of the farm, “Johnson Grass”. In the last few weeks, Una and Little Bit have done an excellent job removing the grass from one tenth of an acre on the farm. Now that they have successfully completed their job, they will be leaving the farm this weekend. We would like to thank Una and Little Bit for a job well done as well as our own Linda Bradford and her son Sean for facilitating the visit. Check out the before and after pics!

That’s not all going on this week on the farm, we are awaiting the arrival of six new Delaware pullets as new members to the flock, our cool weather crops have been put into the ground and are well on their way to becoming beautiful adult plants, and we are expecting strawberry plants anytime so that they may be planted next week . Lots of things going on down on the farm. Remember to support local farmers by buying local!



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