Is it Stinky?Yes,Just the Way You Like it!

Some of our finest joys are fermented: Baked bread, strong coffee, fine wine, smelly cheese, fresh beer, rich yogurt, etc. May i suggest for your consideration to add to the list of fab fermented things- Kimchi. This cabbage side dish/condiment can add wow or pow to any meal you are having, but research is also finding that such fermented foods can have many health benefits-Kimchi is loaded with good enzymes/flora that allow our bodies to thrive; this lovely side adds friendly bacteria that can actually charge up our immunities. Sandor Katz’s book ‘Wild Fermentation’ is chock full of information in all the virtues of fermented vegetables and how easily it can be obtained through many different recipes and ease of methods. Any questions, he will have the answer. Coming soon to your own CSA box, you can have a tasty,beneficial dish of Kimchi- so easily made!

This past week our Ag.class was fortunate enough to be taught how easy it is to make Kimchi, from CCCC’s Chef Kelly. When i say “easy”, i mean it’s utterly simple, needed: chopped cabbage, non-chlorinated water, sea salt, glass jars for storing and a few other vegetables added based on ones’ particular tastes. When we made our individual batches, it already smelled and tasted great in class, already imagining the aroma when opening the jars in a few days having had “time to enhance itself”-aka-ferment. Good times! Looking forward to experimenting more with fermented vegetables, hope you enjoy it too, cheers to heath!


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