More cucumbers

There will be more cucumbers in the CSA box this week! We hope that you consider that to be good news, knowing that the cool, crunchy delicious cucumber is the perfect summer snack food. You may have already searched the internet for good pickling recipes, or perhaps brought out time-honored family recipes. If you have good recipes to share, please do! I found these helpful hints on evaluating pickling recipes from the test kitchen of Bon Apetit

This cucumber and yogurt soup recipe was a favorite of Bill Dow, NC’s first certified organic farmer. Making a batch of this soup and sampling it at the farmer’s market sold a lot more cucumbers and dill. This weeks CSA box will have dill as well, and maybe even some of this seasons garlic! While this recipe specifies a different kind of cucumber, use the ones you get in your box, they will work just fine. (also, just a side note, my brother-in-law grew up in Bulgaria and I do not ever remember him putting ice cubes in our bowls when serving this soup!)


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