The Student Farm CSA has started!

Hey everyone, Tracey Clark here from the Sustainable Agriculture program to announce that our CSA has started! Our first week of the CSA started Thursday, March 31st and was packed with an assortment of different produce. Things went smoothly as a number of different people came to participate in putting the boxes together, the Organic Crop Production class, the Advanced Crop Production class, and volunteers that helped in harvesting all the fresh produce the box had to offer.


Chris, Cherie, and James all packing and weighing the CSA for week 1.


Cherie weighing spinach.


Weighing salad mix for week 1 of the CSA.

Everything came together nicely the box offered carrots, radishes of different varieties, turnips, salad mix, yukina savoy, mizuna, spinach, arugula, swiss chard, sweet potatoes, tatsoi, and collards. A huge variety for people interested in mixing things up for their meal and dinner plans, making sure they get their vegetables. I know I enjoyed the salad mix this week that was harvested with violet flowers with the help of Kim Calhoun’s Wild Forage and Medicinal plant class.



It was a good week and we look forward for many more to come following the season. Our next box is scheduled for April 7th! For people interested in volunteering to get a box, helping out, or just generally seeking information regarding getting a box contact James Fry our farm manager who’s office is located down at the Student Farm.


– Tracey




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