Here at the Farm…March 14th 80 degrees…

IMG_20160314_112356556 (1)

Spring has sprung on The Farm today, a good sign to plant Potatoes today.


One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato More…..Today March 14th we planted Huckleberry Gold and Purple Majesty along with Yukon Gold and a few more varieties that were planted just last Thursday…..

We learned that potatoes are not root plants they are tubers,  modified stems…

2 potato

after finishing we put drip tape on top of beds for future watering. We did not water right away. The tubers are suculants and have plenty of moisture right now.

kale and radishes

Kale and Radishes are inter planted together and the spinach and carrots are over to the left and the lettuce over to the right is just finishing up its Over wintered growing season for now here in the hoop house here at The Student Farm….

green house

Here is some dedicated students in Green House Design working on a project in the Solar Green House. They are making a bigger heating table for the seedlings…….

Meanwhile the Americana chickens are laying their green eggs and getting ready for St. Patricks Day !!!  This was my first time witnessing this!!



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