Off the Farm. 5th Annual Piedmont Grown Conference, March 10, 2016

Are you already registered to attend this exciting conference?  If not, go ahead and get signed up!  There are 9 sessions to choose from, so there’s definitely going to be something to pique your interest and, likely, increase your profits.

Join a contingent of CCCC students – and hundreds of local growers and small business owners – for the opportunity to hear keynote speaker Ben Hartman lecture about how to create efficiencies and reduce waste on your farm.

In addition to Mr. Hartman, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about opportunities to join the burgeoning community of brewers and spirits makers, in North Carolina.  You may have been unaware, but there are already 150 breweries active in this state, making this the “leading craft beer state on the east coast.”  This could be your chance to get in on the action.  Don’t delay.

If you’re like me, you’re concerned about how the new challenges that the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) are going to impact your operation. There are two sessions that are bound to answer all of our questions and concerns.  The earlier session, 1:15-2:30, specifically covers Good Agricultural Practices (GAPS), and aims to give current farmers the knowledge they need to ensure that they are in compliance.  The second opportunity to learn about FSMA runs from 4:30-5:15, and should provide the opportunity to fill in any details we might have missed in the earlier session.

If you’re already up to speed on those topics, pick from the other 6 lectures that are on offer.

After a long day of learning, we’ll have to opportunity to join the Raleigh City Farm Tour Pub/Food Crawl!

Here’s to hoping to meet you at the conference,

Jonathan Cole


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