Farmers & Future Farmers


Hello everyone, hope we all made it threw the recent severe weather OK.  The student farm look like it survive the weather with no damage to the hoop houses or in other parts of the farm.  But I did notice the plastic was blown off  the radish in block #6 bed #2.  We were very lucky, considering some of the damaged that occur in surrounding communities.

Reorganizing and straitening out the pole barn, tool shed and green house has almost been completed.  Another winter task, pruning and mulching was done buy the basic organic class, in the orchard this week.  Accordingly, we in greenhouse design did some work on hoop house B, installing windows and working on the curtains. As we all know, winter task just like other task are never complete, there always something that could have been done.  The electric netting  for the chickens has arrived at the farm, and will be installed soon.

The seeding has gone well in hoop house B with Asian Greens, Radish, Salad Turnips and Salad Mix  among others all ready emerging.   Arugula, Carrots, Bulb Fennel and Spinach was planted outside on Monday.   Also the first harvest of Carrots and Spinach was completed Wednesday.  The first transplants of the season, are Harding off  and will be transplanted soon.

Farmers and future farmers, like the women and men at the student farm are all waiting for dryer and warmer weather.  But don’t  worry it will be here, before he or she knows it and old “Farmer John” will be wiping his bow, wondering what in the world have I got into.

Wishing everyone a bountiful season. Future Organic Farmer Edgar.



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