“down on the farm”

As fall turns to winter, while a peaceful and beautiful time, on the student farm it has also been a very busy time. Accordingly, with all the recent rains, getting cover crops and beds tilled has been nearly impossible. But as always with the help of everyone involved, all the work that goes into the fall transition period has been completed.
All the summer beds have been cleaned out and the covers crops planted. The garlic beds are ready, and some are already in the soil. With a look forward to spring, the strawberries are planted and looking really good. Sweet potatoes have been harvested, graded, put in the green house, cured and ready for the table. One of the farm’s roosters has a happy new home and we are down to the desirable number of one rooster.
But sadly on a down note, the current C.S.A. is coming to an end, which I am sure the current members, will dearly miss. Fortunately, they will be a two week C.S.A. starting the week after thanksgiving. Anyone wanting to try delicious vegetables in a weekly C.S.A should contact Carla Strickland at the main office, in building 41. Speaking of thanksgiving I hope every ones has a lovely one.
Edgar Patterson


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