Today in the BOX…

~farmToday in the box is an exciting mix of greens such as:

Baby beet greens, spinach – pigeon and giant winter, caroflex cabbage -tender, crunchy, and has an excellent, sweet and mild cabbage flavor , spicy mixed salad greens, may favorite Komatsuna a Japanese spinach great for braising but you can eat it raw in a salad or by itself, dill and sorrel which has a tangy taste.

There is also Cherry Bell radishes, turnips such golden globe and Scarlett Ohno -scarlet-skinned turnips, round, Shiny leafy greens with a mild flavor you can eat raw or add to your salad.

Since Komatsuna is my favorite and not heard of by many people, I would suggest sautéing it in a pan with a little butter and garlic to enhance is natural flavor.

I hope everyone enjoys their box and we all look forward to next weeks box.

Estela Walker


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