What’s in the Box?

Hello, hope everyone is enjoying the nice fall weather.  The student farm has fresh, healthy, organic produce as always.  But for the CSA members you already know, the best produce comes from the farm.  For the ones that don’t, he or she should come check out the CCCC student farm located in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

This week, as always the CSA box will be full of delicious vegetables.  Some summer produce may be in the box if it was not damaged by the first frost of the season.  But with the change of the season from summer to fall, it improves the taste of certain vegetables tremendously.

Being Southern born, and bred I always look forward to this time of year, always looking forward to fall vegetable.  Below are two of my favorite recipes for collards and turnips.  If one really wants a Southern meal don’t forget the fatback and corn bread.


Wash good

Cut large stem out

Cut leaves in strips

Put in pot with ham bone and water

Boil until changes color and tender

Eat and enjoy


Wash and peel

Cut up like you would potatoes

Cover in water

1 tablespoon of fat grease (grease of your choice)

Boil until you can put a fork in without resistance.

Drain water and eat.

Enjoy the fall season

Edgar Patterson


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