Thankful, Grateful, Blessed…Fall is coming

It will only be another week when fall is upon us. Most of the fall planting from the Crop Production Class is in the ground, carrots, radishes, kale, turnips, rutabaga and the list goes on.  We should all feel grateful and blessed for a good summer harvest and thankful for its gift, most of all let us not forget to thank James, the farm manager as well.  James has been a welcome addition to the staff at the CCCC Farm.  This is James second semester and he is lucky enough to have several students working on the farm to help out.  James is always friendly and happy to answer any questions about the farm. As students we ask some crazy questions but with a smile on his face or sometimes a puzzled expression he gladly answers to the best of his knowledge. This semester he is afforded the opportunity, time and devotion to the organic crop production on the farm and catching up with the never ending maintenance of a farm.  You should stop by and take a look at what’s growing and a look at the peaceful and serene setting of the farm, chat with James or one of the student workers maybe even lend a helping hand and see what is going on within our CCCC community farm.



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