GREEN TINT summer squash

Green Tint summer squash is just about as beautiful as squash gets!  As a chef, when I have a beautiful product, I hate to distort it so you cannot see it’s beauty.  Therefore, I would choose a recipe where it could be stuffed, grilled, or even reassembled,  so one could see it’s original form.  This squash is about the same as other summer squashes in regard to cooking methods.  It can be grilled, steamed, baked, and shredded.  For me, I would slice it horizontally in about 1/4 inch slices, brush it with a nice oil, salt & pepper, and grill the slices until slightly soft.  Then I would layer it with other ingredients such as fresh mozzarella or goat cheese, steamed beet slices or fresh heirloom tomato, then when it is reassembled I would gently reheat it until cheese melts and serve with knife and fork as an appetizer.

If you wanted a bit more southern, bread it as you would a green tomato, pan fry it and top it with one of the herb recipes from last week, such as chimichurri.  Or hollow it out and stuff it with your favorite stuffing and bake until tender.  As chefs, we are product driven not recipe driven.  So, we do not have recipes per se, that we use.  We use cookbooks, internet, and experience for ideas then produce menu items using our creativity.  If you need recipes, they are easily found via the internet, just type in ‘green tint summer squash.’



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