CSA Box Week of 7/16/15

Hello to all.

I hope you have been enjoying your CSA boxes throughout this session. We are grateful for all of your support, and have been happy to serve you local, organic, conscientiously grown, and healthful food for the past couple of months. We have but one additional week left in this session, however, and will have a recess after next week, and before opening the Fall CSA Session. We hope you will rejoin us at that time.

This week’s box will include:

An assortment of basil- Lime, Genovese, Nufar, and Sweet Thai

Moss Curled Parsley

Dill Seed heads

Assorted Peppers- Olympus, Anaheim, lipstick, and jalapenos

Eggplant- Diamond, Little Finger, Snowy, Listada de Gandia,

Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes

Marketmore Cucumbers

Zucchini and Green Tint Summer Squash

Korridor Kohlrabi

and Purple Viking Potatoes

Thanks again for all of your support!



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