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What’s In My Box This Week?

Well let me tell you, there are some amazingly delicious surprises this week.

  • Freshly picked, juicy Asparagus
  • Tender Salad Mix
  • Gorgeous Beet Greens
  • Amazing Swiss Chard
  • Tender Kale
  • Delicious Sweet Potatoes

All of these delicious offerings have been freshly picked and packed just for you, our Awesome CSA members, just days before you pick them up. An especially sweet treat is freshly picked Asparagus! If you’ve never had the opportunity to taste this gem, you are in for a great treat. It makes a great fresh snack. Try it raw, straight out of your box. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. It’s nothing like what you are imagining you buy from the grocery store. I’m surprised it even makes it to your boxes ;-).

A couple recipes to try:

Crazy Delicious Greens

This is a super simple, quick side or main dish when served over brown rice or quinoa.

1/2 to 1 whole onion, chopped or sliced

2-3 garlic cloves

1 bunch of greens of your choice or my fav. is to combine a little of each

Vegetable broth – I use organic, low sodium

Tamari or soy sauce – Again I use organic, low sodium. Tamari is a Gluten Free, Fuller flavor option that I prefer

1. Cut up your onion. 1/2 for a smaller dish and a whole for a full bunch or more.

2. Take your garlic and lay your knife flat on top. Give it a couple good hits with the heel of your hand to crack the paper and the clove inside. Don’t demolish the clove ;-). The paper will peel off easily and you can dice your garlic like a pro.

3. Turn on your skillet to just below medium if your using a cast iron skillet(which I recommend). Maybe a little lower for stainless steel, I honestly burn everything in stainless steel so use your own judgment here. Begin chopping your greens and when the pan gets hot put in a little oil of your choice. I use Avocado oil, but coconut or extra virgin olive oil work just as well. Then toss in your onions.

4. While your waiting on the pan and onions you can chop your greens while stirring your onions every once in a while. If your using chard cut the stem from the leaf and chop the stems to cook with the onions.

5. When your onions start to get soft and brown a little you can throw in the garlic and stir. Finish chopping your greens and stir your garlic and onions often so the garlic doesn’t burn.

6. When garlic becomes fragrant pour in some vegetable broth until the bottom of your pan is covered. In a large skillet that might be about 3/4 Cup.

7. Immediately add your chopped greens and sprinkle generously with Tamari or soy sauce. Cover with a lid and turn heat down a couple notches. Let this simmer until your greens become bright and begin to wilt. DON’T OVERCOOK!

8. When done remove from heat and leave uncovered. Serve on it’s own or over brown rice or quinoa to soak up all the delicious juice. ENJOY!

Recipe created by Maria Massimiano, CCCC Sustainable Agriculture Student

Baked Sweet Potato

Easy dish to throw in the oven while you cook the rest of your meal

Sweet Potatoes

Toppings of your choice

1. Preheat oven to 400-425

2. Use a fork to poke some holes all around your potatoes

3. Place the potatoes in a casserole dish or on a rimmed baking sheet and place in preheated oven.

After about 30 mins for medium sized potatoes, use a fork to poke the potatoes to see how done they are. Keep checking them periodically until they are oozing juice and are very tender all the way to the center.

When done, remove from oven, cut in half lengthwise and top with things like butter and maple syrup or my personal favorite – butter, pink salt or sea salt, pepper and organic balsamic vinegar.

****If you have a toaster oven that will use less energy and heat up faster


I hope you enjoy your boxes! 🙂

Maria Massimiano




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