CSA Opening April 16th

We Are Ready to Open next week, and can’t wait to provide you with lots of great produce!

Get Ready!

It is time for the first session of our annual spring CSA to begin, despite some rough winter weather! This session is for four weeks. April 16th through May 14th.

Over this 4 week period we will have a wide variety of produce available including but not limited to asparagus, salad mix, Asian greens, cooking greens, heading greens, peas, root vegetables, herbs, and strawberries. Eggs are sold separately.

Shares are $20/week, ($80 total), available to all Pittsboro Campus Faculty, Staff, and Students. Payment can be made all at once, or as two payments of $80.  Work exchange will also be accepted, valued at 4 consecutive hours per week of CSA share. –Arrangements for work shifts must be made in advance.

Updates will be made through email and the CSA Newsletter available at: https://thestudentfarmcccc.wordpress.com/?s=csa

Produce will be harvested and ready for pickup from the outdoor cooler at the farm’s main shed between Thursdays and the following Tuesday of each week. Any shares not picked up by the following Tuesday will be redistributed.  

If you have plans to take a vacation or need to skip a week during this session, please do one of the following; find a neighbor or friend who likes fresh produce & have them pick up your share for the week of your absence, or write “no” under the week(s) you will not be able to pick up the share, so that we do not pack you a box.

Upon pick-up, please check the box by your name under the corresponding week.

If you are interested in joining our CSA please pay Linda or Carla in the front office of Building 1 (41), and make sure to give her your contact information including email address. Please contact myself if you plan to sign up for a work share.

Happy to serve you,

James Fry




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