Waiting for Spring

As has been mentioned in the last few blog posts – baby it’s been cold outside. According to WRAL, it was the fifth coldest February on record for Raleigh. We experienced this first-hand as we helped to get fields prepped for spring plantings in between the rain, snow, ice and cold.

Prepping beds in cold with BCS

Prepping beds in cold with BCS

For March, the old adage seems to be holding true– March comes in like a lion – roaring and a bit fickle. Sunday March 1 greeted us with sleet after the cold and snowy February. Beautiful and sunny on Monday, rainy and cold on Tuesday, hot and humid on Wednesday, rainy and cold Thursday, frigid and sunny Friday and warming on the weekend. Here is hope the latter part of the saying will hold true as well, that March goes out like a lamb.

Snow remnants

Snow remnants

Our first day back on the farm on March 2 (after missing another round of school from weather), was a beautiful and sunny day – hitting about 57°. The remnants of snow nearly gone.

Filled cold frame

Filled cold frame

Some of the transplants are big enough now and have been moved from the greenhouse to the cold frame to harden off. Hopefully we will be able to plant them next week in the Block 5 field.hoop_south
In hoophouse south where we overwinter some crops, the cabbage are huge and the greens and lettuce are harvestable.

Weeds be gone

Weeded rows

In hoophouse c, the direct seeded beets, spinach, argula, and other early spring greens are coming up beautifully. They got weeded on Monday and Tuesday.

Taking advantage of the warm day

Taking advantage of the warm day

Foraging among the weeds

Foraging among the weeds

The hives on the farm were “abuzz” with activity. The honey bees were taking advantage of the warm day and foraging for pollen from the speedwells and other early spring blooming weeds, as our pollinator garden is still dormant.

Waiting for warmer weather

Seed potatoes waiting for warmer weather

The fields have been prepped for spring planting, and we are hoping to put in the seed potatoes next week too. Under the row covers, which should come off next week, we have strawberries and seedling sugar snap peas. Everything is waiting for the warmer weather, which is forecast for next week, to get planted or to start growing full throttle.

Katherine Meehan


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