Hello All,

Just as a reminder the Student Farm as an added benefit uses chickens in its crop rotation plan. The chickens just seem to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to the soil that we like to call around here sustainable. The Heritage Java Chickens just came out of block 4 not too long ago (looking forward to our fall crops out of that block). Ric and the girls will be taking the Javas place starting in block 1.

Here Ric and the girls are getting excited about the possibilities in block 1. Oh, the treasures that will be found there!

Their new tiny home (they are downsizing) being refurbished for the journeys and adventures ahead.

Ric and the girls will also get to enjoy the serenity of the sun setting over their new greener pasture.

Ric’s son Ricardo and the Hens he hangs out with, will still enjoy the same contentment they always have because their allies “the student farmers” are known to bring treasures too.

Posted By: Joe Long


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