Wood Fired Pizza, Yum!

The Student Farm recently hosted one of the Craft United Piedmont Tours. The tours are supported by the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle and this particular tour focused on season extension practices. There are many layers that help growers extend their growing season, from things such as mulching techniques, row covers, to high tunnels, and greenhouses. Each layer has their own merit for extending the growing season and if employed properly can have you enjoying your harvest early and/or late into the season. If you are interested in extending your growing season, a good resource to check out is Eliot Coleman’s book, Four-Season Harvest. Okay PIZZA time: at the end of the tour we got to sample some of Hillary’s yummy wood fired pizzas! Each tour attendee got a cutting implement to attach to their hand PTO and sent out to gather fresssssh toppings from the farm. The bounty was harvested and the artwork began!



While preparing the harvest for the pizzas, attendees got to share in some fellowship. Many stories were told and experiences shared. The weather was cool and the oven was hot, yep – I can even smell the pizza now! Cheers!


Posted By: Joe Long


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