New things to see at the farm

The season and time have changed in the last few weeks bringing new crops and task to do around the student farm. Some beds have been put to rest with cover crops. Others have been planted with strawberries for the spring. IMG_3338 Cool weather crops are growing now, like Brussels sprout and broccoli.IMG_3340Carrots are being harvested.


This is the time to begin planning for next year crops, cleaning tools, and making repairs around the farm. One of the repairs completed recently with creativity is a new gate for the orchard using pine limbs. IMG_3349IMG_3358Another new addition is a grape vine trellis systems. IMG_3353

The house being built by Sustainable Education classes now has walls and you can see where the windows and doors will go.IMG_3361 Even through the growing has slowed down at the student farm there are still things to see and learn and do at the farm.


Debbie Gast, student Sustainable Agriculture Programm, CCCC.


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