CSA Newsletter: Week 3, Session 1!

[what’s in the box ]

             saladmixwashedradishespacchoi tatsoi                           SALAD MIX           RADISHES                PAC CHOI      -or-       TATSOI

cilantrocommonchivesrapiniasparagus             CILANTRO                 COMMON CHIVES               RAPINI       -or-    ASPARAGUS

                                   greengarlic           turnips                                          GREEN GARLIC              TURNIPS -or- BEET


[what to do with the box]

 This week’s harvest includes a number of familiar items – salad mix, radishes, sweet potatoes, asparagus, chives, etc – and some items that may not be so familiar, such as rapini, green garlic, turnips, and tatsoi.  Turnips are great for roasting, and take on the flavor of almost any spice you roast them with.  Think of green garlic as a substitute for chives that tastes of garlic, you can use it to give almost any dish a nice subtle garlic flavor, don’t be shy!  Tatsoi is very similar to pac choi, and can be used as a tender cooking green in any dish that might benefit from cooking greens (and really, what dish wouldn’t?).  Rapini goes very well into pasta, or does just fine by itself.



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