What’s going on on the farm

Hey guys, just wanted to give everyone a little insight into what is currently happening on the CCCC Student Farm. There is so much going on now that spring has hit and we have had a fair bit of rain. We have started preping beds and laying down ladscape fabric in the Hoop House A/B area so we are ready to move it.

There has also been some queen grafting going on with the bees on the farm. We currently have around nine nuclear hives that are being used to create new queens in a hive system.

Block one is really starting to pop off. We have leaf lettuces and brassica mixes sizing up along with some purple bunching onions at about 5 inces in height. There are two plantings of peas that are taking off and are around 12- 16 inches high now.

Our potatoes have broken the soil surface in block seven and we recently hilled them up to prevent damage from that recent cold snap.

In block 7 we have artichokes transplanted and little carrots are breaking the surface.

We are still getting chard and lettuce mixes out of the green houses and the head lettuces are starting to size up.

In the green house we have lots of things stating out. The tomatoes are about five inches tall and we have a lot of awesome varieties selected for this season.

The garlic is looking awesome and maybe we’ll see some green garlic in the CSA in the near future.

All in all the farm is looking great. we have started collecting eggs from the Javas for the TLC breeding program.

Check back next week to see what’s new on the farm, and have a great week.



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