Marching Into Spring

Reaching full size

‘Bordeaux’ Spinach Reaching full size

Soon to be ready for harvesting.

Soon to be ready for harvesting.

Spring is just around the corner and things are gearing up quickly here at CCCC’s Student Farm. The overwintered garlic is really beginning to grow now, along with the sugar snaps. The spinach in Hoop House B is beginning to reach its full size, and the nearby cilantro is approaching harvestable size. Likewise, the lettuces and brassicas for salads within Greenhouse North will be ready for their first harvests within a week.  Although the arugula is beginning to bolt, there will be greater offerings to chefs at the Natural Café, with mixed salad greens and cilantro to accompany larger quantities of spinach. Sweet potatoes and carrots will still be offered, and we can all look forward to many other delicious vegetables that will be coming soon. It will only be a few more weeks before the CSA is up and running I am excited to think about all that will be available at that time.

          The weather has been warming despite some very cold snaps, and this week has seen several days above 65 degrees. I know that days like this have put a smile on the faces of many, including those of us working at the student farm. It seems to me that the wildlife has been smiling as well. While birds gather excitedly and squirrels zip around the trees in courting, dandelions bloom, letting us know that it is finally time to plant our potatoes.

Ready for sprouted potatoes.

Ready for sprouted potatoes.

This week we excavated a trench for our sprouting spuds, and we will be ready to plant these next week in addition to many other spring vegetables. While we continue bed preparation in many areas, we are also beginning to sow some of our warm season vegetables in the greenhouse, and the orchard class will soon be planting out blueberries. This is truly an exciting time around the farm, and it won’t be long before we reach full swing in the new season. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for no more polar vortexing or wintry mixing, and we’ll keep working hard so that the coming season will be as delicious and fruitful as possible.



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