A whole new year

So, it actually snowed. To many folks, snow means burying yourself a few hours deeper into the bed sheets, but on the farm poor weather presents an opportunity to do very valuable work. When it’s the time of year that plants aren’t especially interested in growing, there is still ample opportunity for harvesting; information that is. Now’s the perfect time to dig into the gigantic molehill of paperwork accumulated the last season. We can refine our crop rotation, research new crops, and bury ourselves a few hours deeper into agricultural books. Winter gives us an invaluable chance to perfect our craft and learn new things, so that we may apply them during the growing season.

For the last few weeks, the Advanced Organic Crop Production class has not been squandering the opportunity to make plans. Some of our students have constructed a new hot compost pile, and there are plans in the works for a new vermicomposting set up. We’ve gotten some early fieldwork done to prepare spaces for early planting. Hoop House North has been readied and seeded too, soon to be growing towards a bountiful CSA. The propagation house is already full of seedlings, patiently waiting for their chance to dig into the hard work.

All the preparation we do now will let us hit the ground running for a whole new year.


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