Winter is upon us!

Winter is upon us at the CCCC student farm.  The trellises in the field are bare, mostly.  I say mostly because there are a pair of red shoulder hawks that use the bamboo trellis for a perch.  Hillary has seen the hawks swoop down into the farm and pick up a rodent.  Talk about biological pest management!

Fall’s loose ends are also being tied up.  The Java Cockrell chickens have made the trip to the processor and are now residing in Hillary’s freezer.  Each student was also lucky enough to bring home a loofa.  While often called a sponge, the loofa actually looks like a steroidal zucchini and grows on a vine.  The weigh in for the sweet potatoes has happened, with a results of 1248lbs for only 400 row feet!  Row cover is a common sight on the farm as Hillary tries to protect the head lettuce, kolrabi, carrots, and beets from winter’s chill.  This is also last call for planting hardy winter greens.  Don’t know about ya’ll but I’m ready for some of those sweet, frosted collard.





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