Persephone Days

photo-2photo-3Thanksgiving break brought some very chilly weather, as well as a great opportunity for reflection on the past season and for the coming year. Hillary is busy planning for the spring and beyond. Much work is being done to ensure the over wintered crops will make it through the harsh winter days.

While some plants, like the carrots, brussel sprouts, and strawberries will hunker down and outlast the winter for a delicious spring harvest; many others are reaching the end of their time on the farm. The frosty temperatures wreaked havoc on the beets and some of the vegetables will fall short of the farm’s production goals. All of these events will be recorded and drawn upon to improve next years’ crops and harvests. The garlic is coming up nicely and the students helped mulch the beds to protect the young plants from what is shaping up to be a very cold winter. Pin Oak leaves provide insulation from the elements, without being so heavy as to stunt or bend the shoots. There are still Luffa gourds to clean and soil amendments have been added to help ready the hoophouse for its future tenants.

It’s hard to believe the fall season is just about over and another semester is fading away, just two weeks left!




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