Fun With Chainsaws.

The change of seasons has been in the air for several weeks now and we are officially into autumn, but last week’s frost signaled a significant change on the farm.  Those last peppers, tomatoes, okra, and amaranth that were hanging on have come to their end.  The final sweet potatoes have been dug and are curing to develop their maximum sweetness in time for Thanksgiving.  We’re focused now on more cold-hardy crops such as salad mix, cooking greens, and carrots.

In preparation for some fall farm improvement projects the agricultural mechanization class was given the task of removing the old Bradford pear tree that stood north of the packing shed.  The class learned chainsaw safety and tree felling technique from the assignment.   Image

We fell the tree using a conventional notch technique that started with a horizontal cut into the trunk approximately one-third the depth of the tree. Image

A second cut was made at a 45° angle to the first, and the wood was removed from the notch. Image

The third and final cut came behind the notch which acts as a pivot to drop the tree in the desired direction.  It’s important to remember to stop the cut and remove the saw as soon as the tree begins to give way.  Always have a clear and safe path planned for escape!Image

Here’s Jane cleaning up the aftermath.Image

Thanks to Jennifer Kidwell for the photos.

A. Jason Butler


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