Fall is in the Air!

What’s Happening- As fall has officially begun, most of summer’s crops have come to an end. After a highly successful farmers market last Wednesday, the CCCC farm has surplus produce left over for our CSA customers. Such produce includes Garlic, Potatos, Tomatos, Peppers, and Okra. Many of these crops are Solanaceous crops (Tomato, Potato, Pepper) and make for great cooking recipes.

Meanwhile in Washington… The farm bill of 2008 is set to expire in a few days, and due to partisan gridlock it is expected that the debt-ceiling debate will crowd out any talk of the farm bill. House Republicans have currently proposed an alternative farm bill that takes welfare assistance programs out of the farm bill which Democrats will not accept. Therefore while these goons dish it out in Washington, farmers may feel the brunt of this dillema.

Back on the farm however life is much more simple. The Organic Crop Production class planted strawberries out in the field today for harvest next spring, and mulch was added for organic matter. The cucumber transplants are ready to be transplanted and much of the summers produce is being harvested or has been harvested.

So, what can you do with all those pesky Solanaceous crops we have for you? Well my Dad and I concocted a recipe for using Peppers, Tomatos, and Potatos. It is a combination of French-Fried Potatos with Stir-Fry vegetable topping.

Ingredients include: Peppers, Tomatos, Potatos, Garlic, Dill, Oregano, Blue African Basil, Black Pepper, and Chili (Herbs are optional).


Slice up potatos and ground up garlice. Fry. Empty pan onto a plate, and let oil dissipate. Slice up veggies and insert into frying pan. Don’t fry tomatos, they are too soft – put them in at the end.

IMG_0010 IMG_0012

When you are done add herbs and tomatos and arrange in a radial design.

I already had dinner, but after making this it smelled so good that my stomach forgot that it was full. The finished product is amazing. Hope you enjoyed! -Alex P.



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