What’s Happening on the Student Farm

photo-6photo-5It’s a transitional time on the farm this week.  Days are getting shorter and summer is slowly fading away.  Though you wouldn’t be able to tell from the heat.  The rain we have been getting so consistently this summer has been conspicuously absent for the last week or so and the farm is the driest it has been all summer.  While many of the summer crops are winding down, there is still a bounty of colorful peppers and fragrant basil.

After a few weeks spent preparing the beds for their fall tenants, everyone has been busy getting transplants and seeds in the ground for the fall and over winter crops.  Hillary has decided which chickens will be kept for breeding stock and egg production for the coming year; which means some of the cockerels will not be with us a whole lot longer.   Be sure to check back for more information about a chicken processing workshop in the coming month or two (more details to follow). photo-1 Sophie Schlegel


One thought on “What’s Happening on the Student Farm

  1. Joan Halgren

    Sophie, enjoyed your update! Seems the student farm is into a settling phase. Appreciated knowing about the status of the chickens.


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