Comings and Goings..

Recently, both literally and figuratively, the student farm has abuzz.

Many projects have been underway in recent weeks and many more are left to be completed as the semester winds to an end. With our short spring ending quickly and summer on the cusp, new farmers both young and old(er) furiously race to see tasks to fruition. There are hoop houses to build, hoop houses to move, beds to build, beds to weed, beds to plant, and beds to harvest. So much to do and so little time that often a shady patch of clover can appear to be a tempting bed for a weary farm student.


(One of the exciting new projects completed by the Selected Topics class, inoculated mushroom logs!)

As we race to see tasks completed before we leave for the summer, some for vacation, and some for good (myself included);  spirits remain high and laughs are constant. At the end of the day, nothing is more rewarding than seeing the tangible results of your (and others) labor, and the growth of your own skills and those fellows you have come to love. Though the coming summer is most often a cause for celebration, it has recently hit home how much I will miss the consistency of seeing my fellow farm students on the land lab and in the classroom. When these thoughts emerge, it is important to take time to slow down and think of the perennial nature of the student farm, always here, producing a crop of dedicated crop producers.


To my fellow Advanced Crop students (and instructors), I will sincerely miss you all. May your fruit be sweet.



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