mulch mania


Farming is a constant battle with the natural world.  We all strive to be as sustainable as possible but a farm is battling whatever ecosystem was in place before us.  But we all need to eat so we need to farm.  Mother nature fights back with pests, disease, bad weather, and weeds.  In the past week, along with every other green thing, the weeds have exploded.  There are many practices to control weeds and cut back on your weed seed bank but inevitably you will be out there on your hands and knees pulling them up.

Here is my favorite weed killer.Image

These work great for cruisin’ down a row of vegtables and taking out newly germinated weeds.

Our new hoop house was put into production less that two weeks ago.  Cucumbers, beans, okra, and flowers were planted and have already germinated!  It is important to keep hoop houses free of weeds to make it easier to work, prevent the spread of disease, and cut down on pests.  Here is the intensive mulching system we used to guarantee we won’t have to do anymore weeding in there this season.


old cccc student mags layed down first.


Leaves over top



Wood mulch to top it off.  Wow great, Weed free for life.

Only you can prevent weeds..



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