Compost and Farm Update Week of 3/10

Big things are happening at the student farm this week, as temperatures rise and the days become longer so do our spirits. Many spring transplants are being hardened off (the process of acclimating greenhouse transplants to the outside world) and our first CSA boxes went out this week. Delicious arugula and salad greens from the hoop house as well as field turnips and over-wintered carrots were included in this week’s box. Due to this weekend’s amazing 70 degree sunny days we will have plenty more to harvest for next week’s boxes.
Our compost is working as hard as we are (or at least the Thursday lab class) and has very nearly reached completion. Over the past couple months we have been intensively and experimentally working with our compost and it seems to be paying off. About every week massive amounts of carbon in the form of leaves and shredded paper and a heaping serving of food waste from the chef program has been turned into the two piles we have been working with this semester. Both piles look ready for completion, the finishing process of storing in sealed bins. Making our own compost minimizes farm inputs which is important for the sustainability of farms in the long run.
Our spring block is starting to look greener as more and more baby plants are being transplanted to the field. In the past week Cabbage, Poc Choi, Lettuce, and many other greens were planted. We also got Potatoes in the ground as well as direct seeding Turnips, radishes, arugula, carrots, and more!
Study hard, farm harder, love,


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