Do You Know Your Egg Producers?

Mottled Javas

Mottled Javas

At the Student Farm we know our egg producers; up close and personal.

Currently, we have 2 flocks. One flock is all Java chickens. They are an endangered American breed and are part of a breeding program. Their status is considered “Threatened”; meaning there are fewer than 1,000 breeding birds in the United States, and an estimated global population of less than 5,000. Our birds are Mottled Javas; black and white feathers. The Java breed is the 2nd oldest recognized breed in the US. They have been here since the mid 1800’s. We are expecting new Java chicks anytime.

Student Farm Hen

Student Farm Hen

Our second flock is a mix of layers with 2 roosters to keep the hens company. Some of the hens are going into retirement this spring. They are reaching the peak of their egg laying life. Unlike many hens, these will retire to a farm in Chatham County, to live out their life dining on insects. I guess you could say they will be Biological Pest Managers.

We feed our flocks organic feed as well as organic vegetable and fruit trimmings. The feed we use, besides being organic contains no GMO grains. You are what you eat, and none of us wants to be Genetically Modified.

We sell our extra eggs to the college staff and our local neighbors. The proceeds from the sales go back into the chicken feed and other costs related to raising livestock. Additionally, the students have the opportunity to learn about poultry and get hands experience with the birds.roo

We love our farm and love to brag about it. When the weather settles down, and the days get warmer and drier make plans to come by the farm for a tour. We can show you the fruits of our labor and spread our enthusiasm for Local Sustainable Agriculture.

See You Soon!  JoyceAnn


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