Tiny seeds burst through the soil. Forming leaves. And roots. And flowers.  And perhaps even fruit. Sustenance to be shared. Goodness to be enjoyed. We witness these tiny miracles. Of growth. of transformation. As spring contemplates her arrival. Amidst patterns of snow and rain and warm sunshine.Video 474 0 00 02-20

Kale. Arugula. Tatsoi. Mustard. A lovely pattern of greens and purples of various textures and shapes. Grown in neat separate rows yet integrated all together upon harvest time.

Video 480 0 00 01-05

We gather what grows. Chefs create artwork. The excess of which joins the compost pile. Which in time, will nourish the soil once more. Cyclical patterns as plants emerge from and return to the soil.Video 478 0 00 03-05

On an ever changing quilt, chickens dance in patterns amidst the clover. Nourishment is bartered, rest is permitted. Soil, cover crops, earthworms, and chickens all coexist together and contribute to one another.

Patterns in our fields. Of winter crops and cover crops. Of new seeds protected under covers. Of freshly turned soil anticipating what will be. Patterns that will evolve, as the greens and browns of February make way for vibrant colors of coming seasons.

Patterns in our days. Raking and weeding. Seeding and harvesting. Planning and acting. Acting and reflecting. Following and leading. Listening and sharing.

We are observers. We are participants. We are questioners. Of these patterns all around. There are constant lessons to learn. From nature. From experience. From failures. From joys. As students we are given the freedom, the time to immerse in these cycles. And hopefully, as we absorb the teachings that the farm offers, we might confidently apply our understanding to new patterns and opportunities that burst forth.

With openness and gratitude,
abby huggins


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