Student Farm as of 2/21/2013

So this week has certainly been an exciting one on the student farm. First off, we continued preparing the beds for outside spring planting. I don’t know about you, but the occasional warm weather we’ve been getting is making me more than ready for spring to arrive in earnest. I can almost taste the strawberries and mustard greens!

Secondly, in our hoop house, the greens and salad mix that we planted in the hoop house are already starting to be harvested. This week, we were able to offer curly parsley, rosemary, sorrel, baby turnips, Brussels sprouts, Swiss chard, baby spinach, radishes, and mixed baby mustard greens to the chefs at school. Salad season is definitely upon us.

And finally, we are revamping our vision for the farm’s composting system. The new compost system will be a series of small wooden boxes that we are building(approximately three feet by three feet by nine inches). The bottom box is then filled with compostable materials, leaving room for the pile to grow upwards (and keeping it in an orderly stack as it does grow). According to a study done by the California extension agency, this is the most efficient and beneficial system of composting available on a small and simple scale such as ours. As we’re all aware, on an organic farm such as ours, a good composting system is basically the life blood of the operation. It provides a massive infusion of living microorganisms to boost the productivity of the soil. Here’s hoping that the new system will revitalize our farm’s life!



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