While the wind was blowing a chill on the farm today, the sun was shining and we had our own sauna under hoops, plastic, and row cover. Our green growing friends were at a roasting 121F! Our hoop house is home to the earliest of our spring planted vegetables- a mixture of mustards, brassica greens, lettuce, and beets- which are usually too tender to be planted this time of year but have been afforded protection by the temporary structure. The greens are a valuable crop this time of year, and students in the organic crop production were managed to harvest nearly two pounds of baby salad mix for sale to the natural chef’s program and consumption by the class.

In national news, NPR recently covered the story of the most recent suit against biotech giant Monsanto, a farmer in Indiana sued by the company for planting saved roundup ready will have his appeal heard by the US Supreme court this week. While not the david and goliath story that we sustainable farmers have been hoping for, it is possible that the legality of ‘patenting life’ could be challenged in the highest court. http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/02/18/171896311/farmers-fight-with-monsanto-reaches-the-supreme-court

~Hunter Strickland


There once was a group of students

Who imagined it would be prudent

To inspect a chicken flock,

(including the cocks)

tho the birds thought it quite incongruent


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