Houston, we have liftoff!

All around the Student Farm, there is growth. We know all to well that Spring is just around the corner, and there is a seemingly constant flutter of activity in hopes of staying ahead of the season. Between the literal growth of the crops (and weeds) in the soil, the growing minds and skills of the farmers who work it, and the work going in to creating a more functional farm infrastructure; it is often easy to see the changes day-by-day.

Over the past few weeks, student farmers (and managers too!) have been working away at preparing multiple blocks of the farm to begin planting for Spring crops. Many students (myself, included) have had the opportunity to operate a tractor for the first time, a skill which will be instrumental the ground-breaking first steps to many of our very own farms in the future. While this mechanical behemoth may at first appear foreign and overwhelming; upon using it, you will immediately question your love for hand-tools.


After the many hours spent cultivating by fellow student farmers, Block 4 was finally ready to recieve its first plantings on Tuesday and Thursday (after a toasty, WWI style flame-weeding) of sugar snap peas, carrots, cabbages, raab, turnips, and other soon to be tastey things! Weather permitting, seeding should continue over the next few weeks; so any of you CSA enthusiasts or vegetable lovers should come down, check it out, and do a little growing of your own.

Austin G.


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