My Time On the Student Farm


My name is Jenn. I’ve attended school at CCCC for going on two years at the end of this semester. I thought I would share some of the experiences that I’ve had on the Farm.

At first going to the farm was intimidating, 8 foot electric fence, gates and inside greenhouses, hoophouses, chickens, bunnies, veggies! But I soon got over my fear once I met Hillary the farm manager and other students.

Besides learning how to plant potatoes, harvest sugar snap peas, and how to handle a flame weeder I’ve learned so much more. I’ve learned the power of observation and consideration. In my mind this is what makes sustainable agriculture such a unique line of work. Yeah, it’s hot, and muddy, and cold, and windy sometimes…but most of the time it’s beautiful. And besides being lucky enough to work surrounded by beauty you get to closely observe facets of nature. You develop an “eye” for the tiniest seedling just emerging or baby weeds in your newly seeded lettuce bed. You look for bugs, good and bad. You THINK about all of these things. You formula plans, and back up plans. I learned and observed all of these process from the farm.

HillaryAnd it’s FUN! Eating fresh picked strawberries in the spring, broccoli florets in the winter, asparagus!

As I follow my path down the road of life I just want to thank everyone who taught, laughed, consulted, and cared. My time on the Student Farm and at CCCC has made me a better person. (And I got to drive the tractor!)

Jenn Sanford-Johnson



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