What’s Happening on the Farm..

Congratulations goes out to the black Javas who have decided to further their education at the 4 year university Appalachian State! But actually.. the Javas are headed up to high country to become the starter flock on their student farm. The good people at ASU requested that the birds be tested for diseases before coming to roost. So today two representatives from the NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan) came to the farm to test all our chickens for Salmonella, Pullorum, and Avian Flu. The Animal Science class helped wrangle the birds while the technicians tested their blood and swabbed inside their beaks. The birds all tested happy and healthy.

More good news.. We are still certified USDA Organic. Our papers arrived in the mail today so you can breath a little easier knowing we are official.

Even more good news.. The student farm has an exhibit at the State Fair which opens this weekend. We have a nice little set-up in the Exhibition Center so check it out. Promise it’ll be more fun than getting a man to guess your weight.


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