Get ready! In one short month the 27th annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference put on by the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association will be held in Greenville, South Carolina and provides a variety of reasons to pull out the wallet and take that long weekend off work; if you don’t have other, school related obligations!

Attending the conference entails seminars from leaders across the country in the realm of Sustainable Ag, on topics including; orchard management, no-till systems, management intensive grazing, and aquaponics. This event offers students, staff, or anyone interested in Sustainable Agriculture and local foods a chance to see what is going on in the S.A. community on a broader scope than Chatham County, NC.  Guest speakers are bound to offer a new take on some of your already seasoned practices, as well as inspire new ideas to take home to your own farm or garden.

For those with a limited time-frame, or  budget, there are also packages available for the day specific workshops on Saturday and Sunday, for a lesser price, and only require that days presence. Get out there and check it out for yourselves!

Austin G.


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