Farm bill action alert!

Dearest CSA members:

Over the years, supporters of local, organic food have made gains at the federal level that help local food economies and organic farmers prosper.  And now political games in Washington, DC are putting those successes in danger.  Your voice is needed now.

Congress looks ready to punt on passing a new farm bill this year.  What’s at stake?

  • Value-Added Producer Grants
  • Organic Agriculture Research & Extension Initiative
  • National Organic Certification Cost Share Program
  • Organic Production & Market Data Initiatives
  • Farmers Market Promotion Program
  • Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program
  • Outreach & Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers & Ranchers
  • Specialty Crop Research Initiative

Unless Congress takes action, these programs will expire on September 30 and hundreds of millions of dollars for sustainable agriculture, economic development, and beginning farmer support will literally disappear.

We can’t let this happen on our watch.

Help us tell Congress this is unacceptable – take just 5 minutes to call your Representative and Senators today! You can find their contact info here:

The message is simple:  “Don’t walk away from America’s farmers and ranchers.  Pass the 2012 Farm Bill and fully fund farm bill programs for beginning farmers, local food, organic agriculture, and rural jobs that expire on September 30 – programs that create jobs in rural communities, help farmers seize market opportunities, and invest in the next generation of farmers.”

For more information on the farm bill and its impact on local, organic agriculture, visit the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association’s website.  Thanks!

Love, Peter


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