Welcome Back From Summer, CCCC Farmers!

What’s Happening  At The Farm?

     As the summer is winding down and Fall is on its way, many things have been happening at the student farm. Summer crops are coming to an end, though there are still a few things left such as the last bits of okra, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes. One thing there is plenty of still are the potato greens. They are edible, have lots of nutritious values, and are a good in-between seasons crop. Another summer crop still to come are the edible gourds. They were planted back in July to beat the squash bugs, so we’re hoping they will be ready to harvest soon.
We have recently planted broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauli flower, cabbage and all sorts of leafy greens as transplants for Fall. Seeds for winter have been planted in trays, and will go out later on once they have grown some and are ready to be transplanted. The chickens have been moved down to the south space of the farm and will be staying there for some time. We have yet to figure out what will be going in that space, but will keep updates. Also, the hoop houses will be getting new plastic soon. They are not quite ready for more production yet, though that is another thing we will be getting into this semester.
The orchard that we’ve all been hearing about is finally starting to come together. A plot of 1.5 acres has been mapped out for the orchard and a fence line has been planned out as well. Within the next few weeks holes will be getting dug so fence posts can go up. Since fall is the best time of the year for planting trees, we have ordered many a fruit trees that will be arriving and wanting to get in the ground. Having an orchard as part of the CCCC Student Farm will be very exciting and make available many new projects to work on.

EVENTS: This week the CCCC Sustainability Program had a get together planned for all of the students to come down to the farm for fresh, local pizza cooked in the brick oven. It was scheduled to happen Thursday, September 6, 2012 at 5:00pm.


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