CSA Newsletter_Last Week of Session 3_07/12/12

                                 Get some Mayo; we’ve got your ‘Maters!!

Hello All,

This week is the last of Session 3.  Session 4 begins next week and it’s 8 weeks from 07/19 – 09/06.  Please see “The Student Farm CSA” page on the blog for all the standard details of CSA subscription and renewal.  Check here also for details on how to recieve our Weekly Newsletter via e-mail through the blog.

What’s In the Box this Week?

  • Potatoes_a fingerling variety called Rose Finn Apple
  • Basil_bagged this week
  • Garlic_extra for pesto!
  • Sweet Onions
  • Squash & Zuchini
  • Cucumbers_for slicing and pickling
  • Tomatoes: Cherries, saladettes and slicers

Tomato Tutorial:

We like to grow a diverse selection of tomatoes for several reasons, first of which is taste and flavor.  However, the some of the best-tasting varieties are very finicky to grow.  Take heirlooms for example.  Heirloom tomatoes have made it to heirloom status because they are so delicious.  Lots of folks over the years saved their own seed from their best plants and passed these family favorites down through the generations.  The trade off is heirlooms tend to have thinner skin, are more prone to splitting, and they may not have the disesease tolerance that newer varieties have gained through selective breeding or hybridization.  So, to ensure a steady supply and curb our risk of crop failure, we grow many different types and varieties to ensure that even if we don’t get our favorite tomato, there will still be tomatoes in abundance.

Types of Tomatoes growing at the Student Farm:

    • Cherry:  We have 5 varieties this season;
      • 2 reds, one small & one large
      • 2 yellows, one is a bright colored grape-type, the other is a pale medium-sized cherry
      • 1 purple
    • Saladette:  These are smaller than a slicer and bigger than a cherry.  We’re trying ‘Indigo Rose’, a new variety out this year.   It’s skin turns black/purple where it’s exposed to the sun, then it ripens to red where it’s not black.  What do you think: flavor, texture, grow again?
    • Slicers:  We have a bunch. 
      • 1 Red sandwich slicer_a hybrid variety developed by NC State! called ‘Defiant’
      • 2 purple heirlooms_Cherokee Purple & Black Krim
      • 1 orange_Persimmon
      • 1 yellow with red stripes_Stripped German
      • 1 red with yellow stripes_Stripped Cavern_this one is very dry & almost hollow in the center; makes a great stuffed tomato
      • 1 green_Aunt Ruby’s German Green_ripe when green; soft & yeilds to a gentle squeeze

Let us know what you think & happy munching!

The Student Farm


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