CSA Newsletter_Session 3_Week 5_06/21/12

CSA Newsletter for 06/21/12

Happy Solstice!  It’s the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. 

This cosmic pulse supports each and every one of us, including the veggies in your box. If you want to know what time of year it is, ask a plant. They can tell based on the angle of the sun, the strength of its rays and how many hours of light per day they recieve. Pretty amazing….

Here’s hoping this newsletter finds you stretched out by a pool somewhere with your prefered beverage in hand and not a care in the world; it’s too hot for fussing about too much, so enjoy the season by staying cool any way you can.  We can help, as well.  Here’s what’s in the box this week…

  • New Potatoes_all potatoes dug from plants that are still living are considered ‘new’, regardless of what size they are.  Handle like eggs because the skins are very tender and easily injured.  Injured spuds don’t keep very well…not that they’re going to stick around…. 
  • Carrots_almost done with the carrots until fall.  We might have them for another 2 weeks then not again until October-ish
  • Beets_same as the carrots; the next round of beets will come out late September if all goes according to the plan
  • Swiss Chard_we may keep the chard going, or maybe not….any one want to weigh in?  How much do you love chard?
  • Summer Squash_paid members only this week, sorry workshare-holders.  We’ll get you next time…
  • Cucumbers_you may have up to 4 varieties in your share.  We’re growing ‘Marketmore’, a slicer, ‘Little Leaf’ and ‘Salt & Pepper’, picklers, and ‘Adam’ Gherkins.  You may notice the picklers are smaller, skins are more tender and perhaps a bit sweeter for the discerning palate.  Let us know what you think!
  • Garlic_fresh out the ground
  • Walking Onions_these guys are fun.  They will be very strong as a fresh onion but mellow with cooking.  If there are bulbils (baby onions_viable plants) attached to the tip of a flower stalk in your bunch, you can plant them in your garden & they will literally walk all over the place.  There can be as many as 3-4 generations per plant as the flowers on the flowering flower stalks flower….I’ll put in a picture.  If you don’t get any bulbils & want to propagate them, just plant one of the onion plants from your bunch and they’ll do the rest!
  • Basil stems_please take up to 4 stems from the bucket on the table across from the cooler.  To refresh, cut a half inch of the stem off on the diagonal with a clean knife and keep in a glass of fresh water on your counter for up to a week or two.
  • Herbs:  Parsley, Rosemary & Spearmint

For a refreshing quick tea, take a small sprig of rosemary & a generous bunch of spearmint and roll them back and forth in your hands to bruise the leaves to release their oils.  Fill a pitcher with cold water and drop the herbs in.  If you like, add some basil and sliced cucumber as well.  Let it steep in the frige for up to a couple days, if you want, or just drink it as is.  I like to keep the herbs in the pitcher for several days and keep adding fresh water as needed_very nice on a hot day.

Enjoy the bounty!

Feel free to post comments, questions or other tidbits you want to share with your fellow shareholders.

Much gratitude,

The Student Farm


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