New CSA Session starts 5/24/12

Hello All,

I’m checking in with all of you to solidify Session 3 of the CSA.  This week is the last of Session 2.  If you have not yet paid, please do so before the start of the next session & thanks to all who are up to date with payment.  Linda or Carla in Building 1’s business office can take payment & they have the check list of your status if you’re not sure.

To those who have checked yes to ‘renew’:  Very good, thank you!_please initial next to your renewal check mark so I know you’re in and you have recieved this message.

To new members:  Welcome!  If you recieved this email, at some point you expressed interest to Hillary about joining the CSA.  Here’s your chance to get in on the good stuff.  Please respond to this email with a ‘yes, please’ or ‘no, thanks’; are you in, or out?

To those not renewing:  Please write ‘no’ under the ‘renew’ column, if you have not already, & initial so I know you got this message.

To Work Share staff:  Continuing and new workshare members;  please email me your work availablity so I can make the summer work schedule.

4 consecutive hours a week is the deal (no 2 & 2).

Give me a heads up about other commitments you have & your preference of work shift days and times, at least 2-3 options, please.                                   When I have everyone’s availability, I’ll make the schedule and send it back out to you to confirm or tweek.

If you have recieved this message and do not want to continue on with a workshare, email me back to let me know. Thanks.

Membership Info: Session Dates:  05/24/12 – 07/12/12, 8 weeks

Pick-up Details:  Thursdays at the farm’s main shed (in the cooler), any time, up to Tuesday of the following week.  After that, unclaimed shares will be redistributed.

There is a clipboard hanging on the pack shed’s cooler.  Please check the box under the corresponding week beside your name upon share pick-up.

Vacations, etc:  If you have plans to take a vacation or need to skip a week during this session, please do one of the following;  find a neighbor or friend who likes fresh produce & have them pick up your share for the week of your absence,

or write ‘no’ under the week(s) you’ll be gone & we will not pack you a box.

Payment:   $20 per week, $160 total in 1 or 2 payments

Pay at Building 1’s front office, Linda or Carla can take payment & have a member check list to track your payments.

Renewal:   If you wish to continue into the next session (the next 8 weeks), please check ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the ‘renew?’ column of the pick-up clipboard.

Questions, Comments, etc:  Feel free to contact Hillary anytime if you have questions, concerns, cancellations, etc.

Oh, right!  This session, you can expect to see ‘end of spring’ and ‘begining of summer’ produce.  This includes:  Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, salad mix, carrots, beets, garlic, onions, potatoes, summer greens, beans, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, parsley, dill, cilantro, turnips, etc…

As always, thank you for your support and gastronomic enthusiasm!



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