Hey internet-land!

Well, here we are. Seems like only yesterday we were all bundled up, eager for the growing season to start, and now the season is open full bore. Not a very graceful entrance, spring.

We, the Advanced Crop Production class, have been busy getting ready for the coming CSA season, and keeping our Natural Chef class well-stocked in unique home-grown vegetables. The seeds that we had planted over the last couple of months are starting to show some headway, and our transplants are finding their place in the beds outside. We had a few crops overwinter, giving us a continual harvest as we wait for the new growth.

The second session of our CSA kicked off this week, and our customers got the first taste of asparagus that has been popping up next to the greenhouse. We also provided carrots, spinach, chard, rapini, salad mix, and a variety of herbs.

We kicked off class last Thursday with a good ol’ dishwashing party, which, thanks to the miracle of caffiene and suds, was likely the most enthusiastic doing-of-dishes the world has ever seen. We later began prepping some bed space for potatoes, and battling it out with the ever-present bermuda grass for use of the soil. But tenacious rhizomes are no problem when you have Dave on your side.

Rumors from around the county speak a hell-of-a-weird year for strawberries, and the early blooms we’re getting on our crop are no exception. The strange threat of frost during the week could have taken out the crop, but luckily the thermometer stayed on the warm side. Brandon, our resident farmer-philosopher, was thrilled at the growth the plants have put on and was moved to help them along.

Things are all a-buzz here at CCCC, from the bees to the droves of state-employed landscapers descending on lawns and hedges campus-wide, who did a great job of manicuring the areas around the farm. It’s going to be a strange, hot, season, but spirits are unseasonably high. It feels as if the whole world is on the verge of bursting, millions of tiny little buds about to explode into brilliant new life. Indeed, things are a lot greener this week alone. Happy Spring!



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